every picture tells a story


every picture tells a story


  • scene of happening that explains hidden reality
  • face or expressions that tells the truth or story
  • the idea of story as seen in any picture
  • hidden or unsaid explanation behind an outlook or sight

Example Sentences

  1. Shannon is denying but I am quite sure that she had done something wrong, every picture tells a story.
  2. Look at the face of Ricky he is so scared of being caught, every picture tells a story, he is the culprit.
  3. The emotions in this picture of a woman telling, she is in severe pain, every picture tells a story.
  4. Every picture tells a story and this is you who spoiled my painting, look at the paint on your hands and clothes, don’t try to make me fool.

The origin of the idiom “every picture tells a story” is fairly indistinct and unidentified till now. If you have any idea about it’s origin or meaning please share in comments.

This phrase lies slightly more in category of proverbs than the idioms.

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What is implied by a picture can easily be a fake picture… to impress… of course!

‒ Ray July 18, 2017

Its origin does not have an apostrophe!

‒ Dirk September 30, 2016

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