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high spirits

Meaning: a state of being lively, enthusiastic, and full of positive energy.

Example: After receiving the good news, she was in high spirits for the rest of the day. Read more ➺

fly in the air

Meaning: to be elated, extremely happy, or in high spirits.

Example: After winning the lottery, she felt like she was flying in the air. Read more ➺

lose ground

Meaning: to lose an advantage in a competition or struggle.

Example: The company began to lose ground to its competitors after the new product launch. Read more ➺

broken reed

Meaning: a person or thing that is weak, ineffectual, or unreliable as a support or means of help.

Example: Depending on him during the crisis felt like leaning on a broken reed. Read more ➺

trump card

Meaning: a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.

Example: During the trial, the lawyer pulled out a surprise witness as his trump card, completely turning the case around. Read more ➺

ace in the hole

Meaning: a valuable resource or piece of information kept in reserve until it is needed.

Example: In negotiations, he always had an ace in the hole to secure the best deal. Read more ➺


Meaning: describes an investment or asset that is considered to be of the highest quality and very secure, often used in the context of government bonds.

Example: The company's gilt-edged bonds are highly sought after by conservative investors. Read more ➺

blue chip

Meaning: a stock issued by a well-established, financially sound company with a history of reliable earnings and regular dividend payments.

Example: Investors often seek out blue-chip stocks like Coca-Cola and IBM for their portfolios. Read more ➺

in the bag

Meaning: something is certain to be achieved or secured.

Example: The deal was finally in the bag after a few rounds of tough negotiations. Read more ➺

bush league

Meaning: describes something that is substandard, unprofessional, or lacking in sophistication.

Example: The company's presentation was so bush-league that the clients left halfway through. Read more ➺