bosom friend


bosom friend,
also, bosom buddy


  • best friend who is very close to you
  • someone whom you share everything with
  • someone you can always rely on
  • close friends who share confidences
  • a kindred spirit
  • someone you have an intimate relationship with

Example Sentences 

  1. The two ladies who were arrested for injuring each other for one man were bosom friends for years.
  2. I wouldn’t call him a bosom friend, since we aren’t that close.
  3. She’s been my bosom friend since we were kids.
  4. Everyone saw them as bosom friends, so it was a surprise when they had a falling out.
  5. Anyone should be able to see their partner as their bosom friend.
  6. A bosom friend of yours doesn’t go back on their word.
  7. They were bosom friends who had been through thick and thin together.
  8. He’s my soulmate, or my bosom friend if you would. 
  9. She was a bad bosom friend the moment she talked behind her back.
  10. I need my bosom friend here to support me!
  11. We’ve been bosom friends because we grew up together. 


“Bosom friends” originated in the 1500s as a term for referring to your best friend. It was meant to represent a deep, intimate, friendly relationship. The word “bosom” today would be considered to be a literal woman’s chest. However, centuries ago, it was actually meant as a metaphorical chest of deep emotions. This later developed into “bosom buddies” in the later 20th century.

This term was used for the NBC sitcom “Bosom Buddies,” which aired in the 1980s. Fittingly enough, the show did center around a pair of best friends. It was also used in Rosie O’Donnel and Deborah Axelrod’s book “Bosom Buddies: Laughter Lessons for Breast Health and Cancer.”

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