camp follower


camp follower


  • a person who is supportive of the cause, person or organisation
  • an associate
  • ‘camp’ could relate to another person, religion, organisation or any business association too

Example Sentences

  1. The only issue of being related to a celebrity is that the camp followers never leave you alone.
  2. I am a camp follower of his aerobics techniques.
  3. To be a camp follower requires one to believe in the camp. You my friend, do not qualify.
  4. Could it be that famous actors have a habit of their privacy being invaded by camp followers?
  5. This particular political party has a lot of camp followers because of the invigorating speeches that their leaders make.
  6. It is true that all camp followers listen to him speak on the radio every morning. To start your day with such fresh thoughts is what brings people back the next day.
  7. The camp followers knew that she will be travelling to Europe this month.
  8. Now-a-days camp following is much easier with social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  9. The trouble with having a music celebrity as one’s spouse is all the camp followers and fans forever trying to invade your privacy.


The origin comes from the glorification of one thing into a camp. A follower is one who believes in this idea, whether physical or metaphorical. This phrase probably originated between 1800-1810.

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