a cut above


a cut above

Meaning | Definition

  • noticeably greater to
  • to have a notion of belonging to a higher class
  • the impression of something or someone being better than the rest

Example Sentences

  1. This diamond is a cut above the rest. You will like it because you have an expensive taste.
  2. I like my fruits to be a cut above the rest and always go with the highest organic brands.
  3. You think you are a cut above the rest but the reality is that you are just the same.
  4. Her drawing was definitely a cut above the rest. It proves her expertise in brush strokes.
  5. Do you know a restaurant which is a cut above the rest? I want to surprise my wife with a lovely dinner date.
  6. The pastries at this shop are a cut above the rest. You must try them.
  7. I love the art work display in this gallery. It is a cut above the rest.
  8. She thinks her intelligence is a cut above the rest.


The term was used to show just a notion of superiority with the lack of any actual brilliance and was referred for people only at the start. This has changed though with regular usage. It is now used for a belief of brilliance as well as it actually being better in reality. Things and comparisons are also commonplace for this phrase to be used now.

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The origin story sounds weak. Are you sure it didn’t originate from the butcher shop or even a gemstone dealer where one “cut” is truly better than another?

‒ Gene Merritt May 29, 2020

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