straight shooter

straight shooter


  • someone who speaks the truth
  • speak honestly and straightforwardly
  • an upright or plainly spoken person
  • someone frank and forthright

Example Sentences

  1. I really like Ken. He’s a straight shooter, that’s for sure.
  2. The company was in deep water, so the chairman called a meeting for the following morning. It was time for some straight-shooting.
  3. Steve’s father is a straight-shooting kind of guy. He tells it like it is.
  4. I trust Kim’s judgement. She’s a real straight shooter. If she says that the new guy is no good, then I believe her.
  5. I hope the new president is more of a straight shooter than the last one. Why say 50 words when you can say 10.
  6. She is a straight shooter, and it’s a refreshing change.


This informal phrase alludes to a person who speaks in an honest and direct way, like the straight path of a bullet shot from a gun. It has been in American slang since the latter half of the 1900s.

American actor Elisabeth Rohn said, “I’m a straight-shooting New York City girl. I see things as they are and call them as they are.”

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1 Thought

This idiom describes a person who when asked about something he/she answers it directly.

- Obbo Joshua March 31, 2021

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