• front-to-front
  • with the front of a vehicle
  • to involve direct confrontation with another party
  • to deal with a difficult problem directly, bravely and with determination
  • facing a situation squarely, rather than avoiding it

Example Sentences

  1. Even with the increased hostility at work, Amanda faced all her colleagues head-on as she pitched her new proposal.
  2. A head-on collision of two cars in Glasgow has left two people seriously injured.
  3. Bullying is something we all should face head-on.
  4. Never one to back down from a fight, Peter faced his four attackers head-on.
  5. Even though he was not good at Math, Matt was ready to face the exam head-on.
  6. Four people are injured, one seriously, when two cars collided head-on Sunday in Edmonton.
  7. Melbourne school bus carrying students was involved in a head-on collision in the city’s west side Tuesday morning.
  8. It’s better to face every situation head-on rather than shying away or trying to avoid the issues.
  9. Alice is very brave for taking the storm head-on and going out to rescue her family.
  10. A head-on crash between a car and a pickup truck near Abbotsford resulted in a man being injured seriously.


This phrase is one which originated from everyday use in America traffic situations. When two cars ram into each other in an accident, it is said that there has been a head-on collision. People wondered how two cars could collide face to face without one driver swerving out of the way. With time, the phrase head-on came to be associated with not backing down or not avoiding a difficult situation and that is how this phrase originated.

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