from now on


from now on


  • used to refer a time in the not so distant future
  • for something to take effect from that moment henceforth
  • means going forward, a particular event or activity must be done in the specified way

Example Sentences

  1. From now on, every student must switch off their phones before coming to my class.
  2. From now on, both men and women will be allowed to make equal contributions to the community’s fund trust.
  3. The teacher made it known that from now on, she will not tolerate any lateness to class.
  4. From now on, I will stop fending for anyone other than myself as it is now every man for himself.
  5. Mary told us that from now on, she wouldn’t be eating any meat or fish as she is starting a vegetarian diet.
  6. After her wedding to Paul yesterday, Alice told us that from now on, we are to refer to her married name.


This phrase does not have any special story for how it originated. It came to be used regularly as a part of the English language. The only misconception is that some people thinks it means “immediately” but it means more of “starting from now”.

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