good Samaritan


good Samaritan


  • someone who tries to help people in trouble or need
  • a compassionate person who helps others unselfishly
  • a person who helps others without any thoughts of a reward or compensation

Example Sentences

  1. The beggar was lying shivering on the road when a good Samaritan came along and gave him a blanket and some warm clothes.
  2. If it had not been for a good Samaritan who rushed him to the hospital, the accident victim would not have been living today.
  3. He was toiling hard in the hot sun when a good Samaritan came along and offered him a bottle of water.
  4. Seeing that the child was lost, the good Samaritan took her to the authorities and helped her find her parents.
  5. He is really a good Samaritan. Every time he sees someone needing help, he jumps in and helps them.

The phrase is an ancient one and originated in the Bible, from the parables of Jesus (Luke 10:30-35). The parable speaks of a traveller who was robbed, beaten, stripped and left half dead alongside the road. A priest and a Levite come by and ignore him. Finally, a Samaritan comes by and helps him. The phrase was used figuratively in English in the 17th century, in Peter Chamberlen’s book “The Poore Mans Advocate, or, Englands Samaritan” in 1649.

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I am a promoter, and in love with good Samaritan, I love your ideas, I love touching and helping the less privilege in my little corner's. How do I become a partner?

- Fatima Tumba Yusuf January 5, 2019

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