get cracking


get cracking


  • to hurry something up
  • to start working on something right away
  • to get going
  • to act upon something decisively and quickly

Example Sentences

  1. The laundry man better get cracking with our clothes else we will miss the event.
  2. I better get cracking for my interview tomorrow.
  3. She ought to get cracking on her internship if she wants to finish the course in 3 years.
  4. Romeo got cracking in order to woo his Juliet.
  5. She has got cracking for the trip tomorrow since the last two days.
  6. She never got cracking on the question else she would have definitely found a solution.
  7. If you want to be successful then you better get cracking in pursuit of your bachelor’s degree.
  8. It took us a while to get cracking on this assignment but ever since we started it has been going smoothly.
  9. Sorry I did not get cracking when there was time.
  10. The tickets to this play are almost over so if you want one then you need to get cracking right away else you are sure to miss the show.
  11. It’s time I got cracking or we’ll miss the first half of the show.


The phrase is speculated to be from the 13th century Old English.

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