shed light

shed light


  • to explain something in order to make it easier to understand
  • to provide unknown information about something in order for people to have a better understanding of it
  • to clarify or clear up any misunderstanding about an issue

Example Sentences

  1. Due to the complicated equations, we thought it is best to hire a private tutor to shed more light on the topics.
  2. Her explanations about the previous night’s events actually shed more light on what had occurred.
  3. Due to John’s weird behaviour recently, we hired a private detective to follow him and hopefully shed more light on what’s going on.
  4. A few more lines at the end of the book would have helped to shed more light on its meaning to the readers.
  5. Going through the scenario step by step helps to shed light on it.


This is a phrase that originated from the everyday act of lighting up a room or space with a candle or some fire. This act was known in Europe as shedding light. The glow from the fire dispels the darkness and makes everywhere clearer and brighter. So the phrase then became used to refer to clearing doubts or making a complicated situation clearer.


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