burn fingers


burn fingers


  • to bear an unpleasant result of an action that has been taken in the past
  • usually referred to the loss of money
  • is also used as a forewarning by someone who has experienced the same in the past
  • injury that is caused due to meddling

Example Sentences

  1. The minister was warned not to venture into this sort of a contract. If he wants to burn his fingers in spite of that then he may continue.
  2. When the share market crashed his fingers were burnt from all the investments that he had made.
  3. The man has no experience in art and manages to burn his fingers through the purchase of fakes instead of the originals.
  4. Get rich quick schemes are usually meant to burn the fingers of the investors, some more than the others.
  5. She has burnt her fingers doing this work earlier and is hence extremely cautious of taking up new assignments. She always clarifies her terms and conditions before starting now.
  6. Many unemployed youths burn their fingers when they are duped under a bushel.


The origin is a speculation of the fire fighters getting burnt in order to save people from fires. Although no known literary source could be traced to get the exact origin.


  • to get your fingers burnt

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