ask out


ask out


  • invite someone to go out, especially on a date
  • invite someone to a social engagement
  • invite someone to go out socially, especially in order to start a romantic relationship
  • ask someone to go on a date

Example Sentences

  1. When he finally asked her out, she readily accepted, and very soon they were dating on a regular basis.
  2. Tom had asked Sue out for dinner, but she declined, saying she had other plans.
  3. Realizing that he was too shy to ask her out, she took it upon herself and asked him out for a movie and dinner afterwards.
  4. It was evident that she had feelings for him, and when asked her out, she could not say no, even though she had planned to be with her friends.
  5. She had asked Jim out for a date and they really enjoyed each other’s company.
  6. He said that he had asked her out several times, but she was simply not interested and refused every time.
  7. My friend asked us out for dinner to celebrate the success of his new venture.
  8. She said she would ask him out for lunch and discuss the plans with him then.


This phrase originated around the late 1800s.

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