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dead end

Meaning: a position or job with no hope of progress; a blind alley.

Example: The interlocutors have reached a dead end in their efforts to discover a peaceful solution to the imbroglio. Read more ➺

death knell

Meaning: cause a system, organization, or activity to fail or come to an end.

Example: The shutdown of the local iron industry tolled the death knell for the village. Read more ➺

till doomsday

Meaning: for a very long time.

Example: You can wait from now till doomsday for customer service. Read more ➺

dead and buried

Meaning: no longer in use.

Example: The world believes that the idea of another Cold War is dead and buried. Read more ➺

raze to the ground

Meaning: destroy or demolish.

Example: We will raze the old, rickety building to the ground. Read more ➺

in at the deep end

Meaning: to start a new job or activity without being prepared for it

Example: Soldiers are thrown in the deep end when they have just joined the army. Read more ➺

nail in the coffin

Meaning: an action/event that will help bring about the death, end, or failure of something or someone

Example: She was late for the fourth day in a row. It will be another nail in her coffin when the boss hears about it. Read more ➺

knock out

Meaning: big success

Example: Does your brother really think that he can knock out the biggest guy in school? I would like to see him try. Read more ➺

long run

Meaning: far away in the future

Example: To make this project successful in the long run, they will need more partners. Read more ➺

get the wrong end of the stick

Meaning: to understand something in the wrong way

Example: When Jack and Taylor arrived at the award function together, everyone got the wrong end of the stick. Read more ➺