Funny Idioms

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monkey see monkey do

Meaning: blindly copying others' actions without critical thinking.

Example: The kids copied the teacher's moves, like "monkey see, monkey do," during the dance. Read more ➺

barrel of monkeys

Meaning: something very funny, diverting, and amusing.

Example: The traffic jam was a total barrel of monkeys. Read more ➺

Hakuna Matata

Meaning: no trouble, no worries, or no problem.

Example: Ever since I embraced a hakuna matata mindset, my life has been easier. Read more ➺

tickle someone’s fancy

Meaning: to attract or interest someone.

Example: Does the menu have anything that tickles your fancyRead more ➺

bright spark

Meaning: an intelligent and lively person (humorously)

Example: Emma is the bright spark of the school – she scored the highest marks in the class. Read more ➺

crack up

Meaning: go through an emotional breakdown

Example: My favorite thing was to whisper something hilarious in class to the kid next to me and crack him up, so he got in trouble. Read more ➺