come down with

come down with

Meaning | Definition

  • to have (usually a disease)
  • start to suffer from a particular sickness
  • fall ill with
  • can be used literally too

Example Sentences

  1. The Joshi’s have all come down with the flu, so none of them will be able to attend your wedding.
  2. I have come down with a bad viral fever. Do not know where I caught it so I better stay away from school for a few days.
  3. When you knew that you have come down with yellow fever then why did you not make it known?
  4. You could not have all of a sudden come down with a cold. I suspect that you just do not want to attend.
  5. How would I know that you have come down with the flu and that is why you did not attend the party?
  6. My husband has come down with a viral fever. Hence I will not be able to attend the party at your place.
  7. I have come down with a cold and hence have to visit my doctor today.
  8. Can you come down with me to the chemist shop?


To ‘come down with’ refers to having an illness because of which a person comes down to a lesser level of activity. A person who is medically fit is more capable and one who is not is restricted to the ailment.


  • fall sick with
  • be taken ill with
  • become infected with
  • fall ill with
  • fall victim to
  • show symptoms of

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