comb through

comb through

Meaning | Definition

  • to check thoroughly
  • to examine properly
  • to be looking for or searching for something

Example Sentences

  1. The police combed through their house after the income tax authorities left the building.
  2. I am combing through my purse to find the keys.
  3. She combed through his belongings to check if he indeed had the papers.
  4. I have not found a good reason to comb through her wardrobe but will only wait until she purchases one more dress.
  5. Her scalp was combed through by the dermatologist to find any signs of dandruff after the expensive treatment was completed.
  6. You cannot possibly be serious about combing through this mess to find your lost ring!
  7. Looks like your wife has combed through your laptop while you were away.
  8. My mother likes to comb through the living room after the maid has finished cleaning there.
  9. Carry only so much in your hand luggage at the airport which you will be able to comb through if the authorities require it.
  10. I have combed through my daughter’s bag to find the book but have not been able to find it.


The phrase could be of Latin American or American in its origin. The “combing through” is a literal representation of how a comb would move in a person’s scalp covering every part, being thorough.

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