bucket list

bucket list

Meaning | Synonyms

  • a list of achievements or experiences someone wants to have during their lifetime
  • the things which are in our wish list
  • a list of incomplete tasks that are supposed to be completed later on
  • bucket list comprises of all the things which a person wants to do ever

Example Sentences

  1. Go and buy some sweaters, I have many other things left on my bucket list.
  2. Just to cross off his bucket list – he painted the walls of his room.
  3. Visiting a famous museum is definitely on my bucket list.
  4. John is an adventurous guy; he is planning a long trip according to his bucket list.
  5. As per her bucket list, Sarah wants to buy a Persian cat.
  6. James wants to enjoy every day; he does not have any bucket list.


It is believed that the origin of the term “bucket list” is closely related to the idiom “kick the bucket.” And the meaning of kick the bucket is ‘to die’ and along with the list, it means, the list of things which a person is willing to do before he dies.

Justin Zackham is a screenwriter who used this term for the comedy-drama film named “the bucket list” in 2007.


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