break down


break down


  • to stop working
  • suddenly Cease to work or function of machine or vehicle
  • to go wrong
  • seize up
  • fail or collapse
  • burst into tears/dissolve into tears (break down in tears)
  • undergo chemical decomposition (break down into)
  • a mechanical failure
  • a failure of a relationship or system
  • divide something into parts
  • to separate something into simpler substances
  • the stoppage of a process
  • to be unable to control feelings and to start to cry

Example Sentences

  1. His car broke down.
  2. The welfare organizations in the city of London tried to break down the problem for full analysis.
  3. Pay negotiations with administration broke down.
  4. the old woman broke down in tears
  5. The young man broke down in tears.
  6. Her health broke down under the strain of overburden.
  7. Waste products that break down into low-level toxic materials.
  8. The breakdowns could totally disrupt the production of the factory.
  9. A breakdown in military discipline is a big concern.
  10. Ruth had a breakdown following the death of her husband.
  11. The breakdown of ammonia to nitrites.
  12. He broke down since he heard the bad news.


There are no origin records available for the phrasal verb.

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