Gossip Idioms

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shoot the breeze

Meaning: spend time chatting, useless talking or chit-chat

Example: They have spent the whole afternoon just shooting the breeze in the office. Read more ➺

toot one’s own horn

Meaning: speak boastfully about oneself

Example: My father told me never to toot my own horn. Read more ➺

blow your own trumpet

Meaning: to say things that makes your own self or kin look good

Example: The crew tried to blow their own trumpet but the manager did not buy their story. Read more ➺

chew the fat

Meaning: to have friendly banter for hours on end.

Example: I've been meaning to get a hold of my friends from the US for quite a while. If I can manage to do that after the party, then I'll go and chew the fat with them at our regular hangout. Read more ➺