a needle in a haystack


a needle in a haystack

Meaning | Definition

  • something very small amidst something very big
  • an insignificant item to be searched in a huge pile
  • a difficult situation
  • something that is not likely to find since it is buried among lots of  other things

 Example Sentences

  1. You must be kidding when you say that you would like to find evidence in this case, it is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
  2. I am not going to waste your time by asking you to find a needle in a haystack, instead I will give you the details myself in return for money.
  3. She was trying to find her daughter like a needle in a haystack when she got separated in the mall. Instead she could have approached the authorities to help her find the girl.
  4. Knowing that being able to find the diamond in this mine is like finding a needle in a haystack, I’m not even going to try.
  5. I ones stumbled upon a rare jewel on the street to my house. When you are not looking for it perhaps you can find a needle in a haystack.
  6. Saying you will achieve this task is similar to saying you will find a needle in a haystack.


Old farmer’s tales would have a bale of haystack and to be able to find something that is as insignificant in size as a needle would be very difficult. In ancient times humans used needles made up of bone or wood that look similar to hay which makes it more difficult to find in a huge haystack and that’s where this idiomatic expression was originated.

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The saying goes way back to the 900 CE, where it was used in the “One Thousand and One Nights” tale, originated in Persia, Arabia and mainly Ancient Middle East. So the term is a translation from Persian and Arabic sayings, which you should include in the information.

‒ Mia K November 28, 2021

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