at a discount


at a discount


  • not valuable or worth anything.
  • at a lower price than usual.
  • below the nominal value.
  • held in low esteem.
  • out of favor.
  • poorly esteemed.
  • depreciated.
  • offering or selling at reduced prices.

Example Sentences

  1. Freedom fighters are at a discount in present politics.
  2. Carl bought that necklace at a discount, which Emily wanted to have for the last two years.
  3. I won’t purchase an Apple iPhone until I can get one at a discount.
  4. Honesty and goodness are at a discount in this selfish and cruel world.
  5. It’s a winter sale at this garment shop today, and you can purchase your favorite clothes at a discount.
  6. Yesterday, I bought two burgers at a discount at McDonald’s restaurant.


The first usage, mainly found in business and commerce, dates from about 1700. The figurative usage is about a century younger.


  • reduction
  • money off
  • markdown
  • price cut
  • cut rate
  • concession and reduce

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