come up with

come up with


  • to find a new thought
  • usually referred to ideas and referred with the name of the person who produced it

Example Sentences

  1. The team has to come up with cost saving ideas soon otherwise the budget cut will cost them a lot.
  2. It is usually the father’s sister who comes up with a name for the baby in the Indian culture.
  3. To come up with a solution so soon is not going to be easy especially since the problem is such a long standing one.
  4. It is imperative that the doctors come up with something quick to stop these ghastly pains that she keeps experiencing.
  5. The pharmaceutical world will forever be grateful to you for coming up with such a brilliant idea to manage prosthetic.
  6. She comes up with lame excuses to hide the fact that the work is not done.
  7. The child came up with an idea for a festive card for his mother all by himself. His father helped him make it though.
  8. I came up with a thought to help the old man out.
  9. I came up with a name for your newly adopted German Shepherd dog.


Not related to physically coming up anywhere, this is a figurative use of the verb ‘to come’. The literary origin of this phrase cannot be traced accurately.

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