get through
get through Meaning | Synonyms to make it to the end of a particularly arduous or stressful experience to assist someone in dealing with a traumatic event to ... Read on
vim and vigor
vim and vigor Meaning | Synonyms full of energy and enthusiasm high spirit verve vitality liveliness Example Sentences Even though my grandmother is in her 80s, she is ... Read on
aftermath Typically, "aftermath" meant to describe the period of time after something bad has happened. Meaning the effects of something traumatic the consequences of an event after effects ... Read on
get to know
get to know Meaning | Synonyms receiving the information picking up things well finding out new things about someone learning about something obtaining the data becoming familiar with ... Read on
all roads lead to Rome
all roads lead to Rome Meaning | Synonyms all the routes are directed towards the center there is more than one way to achieve the same thing variety ... Read on
get the wrong end of the stick
get the wrong end of the stickalso, get hold of the wrong end of the stick Meaning | Synonyms to understand something in the wrong way false interpretation ... Read on
make a mountain out of a molehill
make a mountain out of a molehill Meaning | Synonyms magnifying the content exaggerated conversations elaborating something in a very dramatic way conveying something in a very different ... Read on
as a result
as a result Meaning | Synonyms the outcome of something that you have done. a result of anything that is willingly done by you the consequence of your ... Read on
fake it till you make it
fake it till you make it also, fake it until you make it Meaning | Synonyms portray yourself like the person you always wanted to become bringing yourself ... Read on
against the grain
against the grain Meaning | Synonyms a difficult path to be followed something which is contradicting our wishes action performed unwillingly hard to accept or do something as ... Read on

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break back
break back Meaning: overpower, get through the hardest part of something, to put a lot of efforts into doing something. Example: He is very talented and should refuse ... Read on


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