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done in

Meaning: be too tired to do any more.

Example: He was done in after working the night shift. Read more ➺

a raw deal

Meaning: unfair treatment.

Example: Everyone was rewarded except her. She felt her dad's actions were a raw deal for her. Read more ➺

feet of clay

Meaning: have a flaw or weakness most people are unaware of.

Example: Despite his success in business, it was later revealed that the CEO had feet of clay when it came to personal ethics. Read more ➺

cut both ways

Meaning: affect both sides of an argument or something equally.

Example: The promotion I got means that I will earn more money, but I will also have less time with my family. It cuts both ways. Read more ➺

snowball effect

Meaning: a situation in which something grows bigger or more important at an ever-increasing rate.

Example: The mayor hopes that the improvements will have a snowball effect and lead to increased private investment in the city. Read more ➺

go round in circles

Meaning: to waste energy and time engaging in aimless, trivial, or futile activities.

Example: I attempted to draft an outline for my thesis. However, my ideas were so mixed up in a confused way that I kept going around in circles. Read more ➺

hot air

Meaning: empty, exaggerated talk or writing.

Example: Please do not pay any attention to Howard because he's full of hot air. Read more ➺

aid and abet

Meaning: to help someone, typically in an illegal or mischievous activity.

Example: The police officers arrested Gary for aiding and abetting the car thief. Read more ➺

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