clear the air


clear the air


  • get rid of all doubts and negative feelings
  • to clear any misunderstandings between two or more people
  • explain something that someone did not understand
  • clarify, so that others can understand
  • remove all bad or hard feelings

Example Sentences

  1. They had a huge misunderstanding, but decided to clear the air by sitting together and discussing things frankly.
  2. The government’s attitude on the issue has remained ambivalent for some time, so today’s statement should clear the air considerably.
  3. I think Susan got the wrong message about what I said. I’ll speak to her and try to clear the air.
  4. In order to clear the air about the recent media reports about the company, the chairman decided to address the employees himself.
  5. This topic has been a source of confusion. Let’s discuss this together and clear the air once and for all.
  6. In today’s age of social networks and instant messaging, misunderstandings can arise very easily. It is important to speak to each other to clear the air.
  7. The minister’s speech cleared the air over his party’s stand on the controversial legislation.
  8. If he holds a grudge against you, why don’t you speak to him and clear the air?

The phrase literally refers to the sun and winds clearing the air of dust and clouds after a storm. In the figurative sense, it has been in use by 1380, in a work of John Wyclif.

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