Idioms beginning with A

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as broad as long

Meaning: it remains the same regardless of how you view it.

Example: Can we go today or tomorrow? It is as broad as it is long, so you choose. Read more ➺

arrive in a body

Meaning: arrive with unity as a group.

Example: The office became too noisy when all the employees arrived in a body. Read more ➺

as soon as

Meaning: immediately after.

Example: As soon as the teacher left the class, she started making noise. Read more ➺

at a discount

Meaning: not valuable or worth anything.

Example: Freedom fighters are at a discount in present politics. Read more ➺

a raw deal

Meaning: unfair treatment.

Example: Everyone was rewarded except her. She felt her dad's actions were a raw deal for her. Read more ➺

ace up one’s sleeve

Meaning: a powerful, secretive weapon that people can use to their benefit.

Example: "I am wondering how Kellen is going to get her dad to take her on a trip, but I am pretty sure she has an ace up her sleeve." Read more ➺

aid and abet

Meaning: to help someone, typically in an illegal or mischievous activity.

Example: The police officers arrested Gary for aiding and abetting the car thief. Read more ➺

a bit much

Meaning: to be excessive

Example: The concept and story was a bit much for me to understand everything clearly. That is why I did not invest with this company. Read more ➺

alter ego

Meaning: a second self, a deputy.

Example: Jack was the alter ego of Rose in the Titanic movie. Read more ➺

a bit too much

Meaning: behave in an unfair manner.

Example: I need the money, but working 10 hours daily in the kitchen is a bit too much. Read more ➺