a trip to the sun

a trip to the sun


  • something which is very unlikely
  • some task or activity or anything which is impossible to achieve
  • something which is never going to happen

Example Sentences

  1. My dream has always been to settle in Australia. But I know it's like a trip to the sun. I just have to make peace with this place.
  2. Getting a job in USA for me is like a trip to the sun. Hence I have stopped thinking about it.
  3. "Oh please, stop it! It's not like you want a trip to the sun. Its just a sky diving that you wish to do. Make it happen."
  4. For me, waking up early in the morning is not less than a trip to the sun.
  5. Don't build castle in the air of becoming a rich man overnight, earning money without hard work is like a trip to the sun.
  6. Climbing on Mount Everest is a trip to the sun.


The accurate origin of the term is not clear. It might be originated from the fact that the trip to the sun is not possible for humans literally, so people might started using this expression for the impossible activities in some parts of the world.

Special thanks to Jisha Gean for writing contribution.

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