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if it’s not one thing, it’s the other
if it’s not one thing, it’s the other also if it’s not one thing, it’s another or it’s one thing after another Meaning: everything is going wrong bad things keep happening face ... Read on
it’s a small world
it’s a small world Meaning: meeting someone not expected to be at a certain place encountering the same people, events, or situations in an unexpected place someone knows ... Read on
in the heat of the moment
in the heat of the moment Meaning: saying or doing something without thinking due go anger or excitement being overwhelmed by what is happening at the moment saying ... Read on
in tandem
in tandem Meaning: one after another alongside each other together group of two things or people working together Example: He often works in tandem with an engineer, one ... Read on
in high dudgeon
in high dudgeon Meaning feeling or exhibiting great resentment taking great offense at something a reaction of extreme righteous anger Example Sentences After the scuffle, the man who ... Read on
in dire straits or need
in dire straits or need Meaning: – experience difficult financial conditions or circumstances – in a very serious, bad circumstance – in extreme danger or difficulty – causing ... Read on
in the driver’s seat
in the driver’s seat or in the driving seat Meaning: – in control – in charge of things or situation Examples: 1. The availability of a wide range ... Read on
in deep water
in deep water Meaning: in difficulty, in problem. Example: I’m going to be in deep water if my boss refuses to approve the project done by me after ... Read on
in the dark
in the dark Meaning: uninformed, a state of ignorance. Example: We’re still in the dark about the company’s layoff policy. Another forms of in the dark Idiom: keep ... Read on
in a clover
in a clover Meaning: prosperous, living well. Example: After we earn a million in our new business of gold, we’ll hopefully be in a clover.

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Idiom of the Day

frighten or scare to death
frighten or scare to death Meaning: make somebody feel very frightened. Example: A shadow appeared in the doorway and scared me to death.


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