Idioms beginning with I

in the meantime

Meaning: simultaneously

Example: The party prepared to move to another location in the meantime Read on

in the pipeline

Meaning: to be underway

Example: The project has been in the pipeline since forever. I am not sure if it will ever get completed. Read on

it’s anyone’s call

Meaning: a competition where the outcome is difficult to predict or judge

Example: I think this year's election would be anyone's call. Both the candidates seem to have an equally divided support base. Read on

in your face

Meaning: a bold, defiant or aggressive manner

Example: Unable to tolerate Jack's in your face attitude anymore, his boss fired him from the job. Read on

in the buff

Meaning: naked

Example: The model created a sensation when she posed for a magazine cover in the buff. Read on

in the bag

Meaning: have something as good as secured or certain

Example: The deal was finally in the bag after a few rounds of tough negotiations. Read on

idle hands are the devil’s tools

Meaning: if you have nothing to do, you are likely to do some mischief

Example: All the kids should be kept busy while you are away; idle hands are the devil's tools. Read on

icing on the cake

Meaning: when something good is added to another good thing that you already have

Example: Everyone expected him to do well in the exams. Getting first rank was the icing on the cake. Read on

i’ll eat my hat

Meaning: This is an expression of not believing something very strongly.

Example: If you are really able to climb that 8 feet wall by yourself then I'll eat my hat. Read on

if wishes were horses, beggars would ride

Meaning: To wish for things does not yield to anything.

Example: She told me she wanted to become Miss Universe and I said, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". How else was I to react to such an absurd thing? Read on

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Idiom of the Day

mumbo jumbo

Meaning: Something that does not make sense.

Example: I do not believe in this mumbo jumbo, human life should be valued far more than some ritual that one is not willing to forego. Read on


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