out of mind

out of mind


  • to not be thinking clearly
  • to suggest absurd ideas and suggestions
  • it is used to call someone crazy
  • refers to someone who is not using their mind

Example Sentences

  • The gardener was out of his mind to have made such a mess of my beautifully landscaped garden. I am never calling him back.
  • In college we used to behave like we were out of our minds but now better sense has prevailed.
  • Why do you always behave like you are out of your mind in her presence? You should just go and tell her about your feelings instead.
  • The teacher must have thought I was out of my mind to have given such a preposterous answer. But I was honestly not prepared for her question.
  • She is out of her mind when she is angry. You will need to give her some space to calm down before trying to talk to her again.


The phrase seems to be American in origin and has been used as a slang since the 18th century. It is believed that the mental asylums where people who were “out of their minds” has brought the origination of the phrase but there is no literary trace to confirm this.

Out of mind meaning, definition and synonyms, out of mind origin and example sentences, learn out of mind idiom, phrase and idiomatic expression.


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