zip your lip

zip your lip


  • to stop talking
  • to stay calm
  • to stay hush
  • to remain secret or silent

Example Sentences

  1. Why don’t you just zip your lip, I am tired of being nagged all morning.
  2. And then the politician asked them all to zip their lips as he wanted to state his point first.
  3. Zipping your lip is one difficult task for a fellow to likes to speak his heart out.
  4. It is almost impossible to zip your lip when you are in the company of family or friends.
  5. The manager asked all those who disagreed with the new rule  about shortening of the lunch breaks to zip their lips.
  6. I once saw an old lady being bad mouthed by some thieves but I just zipped my lip as I was too scared to do anything about it.
  7. Anyone who wishes to stop talking should just zip their lip.
  8. I am going to zip my lip at dad’s place on Monday and you can go ahead and explain why we need the extra 2000 bucks.
  9. I zipped my lip for the entire presentation until I was forced to speak my Mrs. Shukla.
  10. She zipped her lip at the meeting yesterday, as it was pointless saying anything.


Earlier this idiom was used in 1868 as ‘button your lips’ because during that period of time buttons were used to close things. After Zippers started being used this idiom was modified to ‘zip your lip’ by the people. The use of this idiom can be traced back to 1943.

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