road to recovery

road to recovery
also, way to recovery


  • the procedure of becoming healthy again
  • the process of coming back from something bad
  • used to say when something or somebody is getting better from a bad situation


  1. The Grecian Government was supposed to put Europe on the road to recovery from the Economic and financial crisis.
  2. The road to recovery from cancer is a long and draining one, she would need all the help she can get.
  3. It has been a month since her accident, she is still on the road to recovery.
  4. Recent figures from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that Nigeria is on the road to recovery.
  5. From all indication, he would be unable to make it to the reunion because he is still on the road to recovery from the illness.
  6. I went to see Jill today, she is on the way to recovery.
  7. “Don’t worry Mom, I am on my way to recovery.”


Road to recovery is believed to be used in instances where one is trying to come back from an arduous experience. The road there denotes a journey. Travelling involves moving from one place to another, and it is believed to take a lot of time, and most times involves a road or a route. So, road to recovery is used when something would take time to happen. More often than not, it is most often used in situations that are deemed hopeless.


  • getting better
  • improving
  • recovering

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