take for granted

take for granted

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to underestimate the value of something or someone
  • when a person is not being paid enough for the job that they do
  • to assume that something is true without having proof
  • to assume that someone will always be available even though they are not appreciated
  • assume
  • presuppose
  • presume
  • undervalue
  • accept

Example Sentences

  1. I took the weather for granted when I lived in America. Now I am struggling to get used to the cold.
  2. It is easy to take your family for granted.
  3. I feel like my boss is taking me for granted. I work harder than anyone else and my salary is still below average.
  4. I took for granted that they would pay for their share of dinner. I was wrong.
  5. I think that you take your husband for granted. He is always sending you flowers and doing nice things for you, and you never appreciate it.


In the early 13th century the word graunt meant to “allow or permit something.”

It also means to “acknowledge or admit to be true” (13th century.)  Since the 1600s the phrase has been used to describe a situation in which something is assumed to be true without requiring any definitive proof.

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He is always sending you flowers and doing nice things for you, and you never appreciate it.
In above sentence it would be correct if you write as follows: He sends flowers which implies her husband does the act regularly. (Instead of He is always sending you flowers which doesn’t give regular activity. I think it gives present continuous activity..Please clarify me.

- Narsingh February 26, 2019

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