spill the beans

spill the beans
Meaning: disclose a secret or reveal something prematurely.
Example: The Scotland Yard Police have been trying to get him to spill the beans about the anomalies in the department but he won’t tell them a thing.

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You could add more examples for spill the beans idiom, there is only 1 example .
And I think it would be good if you add voice also like Google, you could someone reading out the important parts of the idiom. Overall it is an amazing website.
Good job keep it up.

Regards Shreya
From India

- Shreya August 31, 2020

Very useful it is very good web site.

- Anonymous September 17, 2018

This site is a very helpful one which I recommend to everyone.

- School boy July 9, 2018

Helpful in holiday homework

- Anonymous May 27, 2018

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