behind closed doors


behind closed doors

Meaning | Synonyms

  • in clandestine
  • privately
  • secretly
  • in secret
  • confidentially
  • in secrecy

Example Sentences

  1. The planning board of the finance division constantly meets behind closed doors, in case its negotiations become known in advance.
  2. A lot of meetings are held behind closed doors in order to prevent the public from knowing what is discussed.
  3. My parents are having a lot of discussions behind closed doors. I think they know that I got into trouble at school.
  4. In order to keep the winner of the contest a secret, the voting happened behind closed doors.
  5. I don’t trust any discussion that happens behind closed doors. I believe that everyone should have a say.
  6. You never know what is said behind closed doors. You might think that someone is your friend but they could be saying bad things about you.


The exact origin of the phrase is not known. It is easy to determine that is related to a secret meeting that will be held away from the public eye. In order to ensure that no one can see or hear what is being discussed the door will be closed to keep them out.

It is thought to be closely related to the 14th century word secretus meaning hidden or withdrawn. Today we use the word secret to describe something that is hidden from others.

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