as mad as a hatter
as mad as a hatter Meaning | Synonyms it refers to someone being completely crazy someone who can’t be understood by the general folk and is considered mad ... Read on
takes two to tango
it takes two to tango Meaning | Synonyms certain actions or activities cannot be performed alone – they ┬áneed two people to participate both people involved in a ... Read on
at daggers drawn
at daggers drawn Meaning | Synonyms almost ready to fight when two people are very upset with each other to be in a state of open hostility when ... Read on
take up the cudgels
take up the cudgels Meaning | Synonyms argue strongly in support or against somebody or something to support someone very strongly to defend someone against an accusation Example ... Read on
banana republic
banana republic Meaning a small, poor country with a weak, corrupt or dishonest government a small country, run by corrupt politicians and they are usually dependent on one ... Read on
give airs
give (oneself) airs also, put on airs Meaning | Synonyms to be pretentious/showy act proudly or arrogantly be on your dignity take the huff act haughtily give oneself ... Read on

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zip it
zip it Meaning to ask someone to shut up to ask to not say anything further, in a rude manner to stop talking Example Sentences The teacher had ... Read on


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