snow job

snow job


  • an elaborate cover up of something
  • an attempt to convince someone that something is true, when it is in fact not
  • using intense flattery to get someone to do something you want

Example Sentences

  1. The new CEO promises that the company performed very well this year. He has yet to release the financial statements, I am afraid that it’s a snow job.
  2. She did a snow job on me when she convinced me to run this marathon. I thought everyone was as unfit as I was.
  3. My sister always manages to convince my mom that she was the innocent one when we get into trouble. She is very good at giving a snow job.
  4. Beware of that lady; she always tries to give a snow job.
  5. That store has such a sales manager who gives the customer a snow job to increase their sales.


The idiom is mostly used in the United States and Canada. It is an informal term that is not used in any sort of formal setting.

The phrase originated during World War II. It is a play on the idiom “snowed under” which means to be covered. It is often used to describe a feeling of helplessness when you are overwhelmed. For example, when someone is snowed under with work.

Both idioms can be related to a large amount of snow fall. It covers everything in its path and hides it from sight.


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