banker’s hours


bankers’ hours


  • short working hours
  • a workday that begins late and ends early
  • a working day that is shorter than usual or acceptable
  • working or being open for the shortest and most inconvenient amount of time
  • especially working hours that start at 10 am and end at 2 pm or 3 pm.
  • a very easy job, which requires short working hours

Example Sentences

  1. With our boss on leave, most of us worked banker’s hours for the whole week.
  2. He’s working banker’s hours today and he has to leave for a doctor’s appointment after lunch.
  3. I wish my job was an easy one, which required banker’s hours.
  4. Does that department do any work? They seem to be doing banker’s hours.
  5. He is so efficient at his work that he only requires to work banker’s hours.
  6. I am so tired of my job. I envy people who have to work banker’s hours.


The idiom refers to the banking sector’s traditional working hours, from 10 to 3 during the 1800s to the mid and late 1900s.

The origins of banker’s hours date back to the prehistoric method of processing financial transactions. Originally, banks needed to shorten their hours to allow for the laborious paperwork involved in processing and clearing checks, deposits and transfers.

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Mr. Jones is interested in working part time, but he states he’s only available during “bankers hours” week days only between 10am to 2pm.

‒ Darwin Heard January 25, 2021

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