sneak peek


sneak peek


  • getting a preview of something that is yet to be publicized.
  • have a brief show.
  • have a secret look.
  • having the chance to see something before it can be made officially available.

Example Sentences

  1. The cinema had a sneak peek of the film to be released next week.
  2. The producers broadcast the pilot as a sneak peek of the regular series.
  3. Cate had a sneak peek of the birthday presents hidden in the closet.
  4. The sequel had a sneak peek.
  5. Designs of the new Ferrari that have been leaked on Reddit give a sneak peek at its best features.
  6. We should take a sneak peek into “Rick & Morty’s” next episode.
  7. The sneak peek showed bloopers, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.


Experts of the English language cannot accurately locate the origin of the phrase “have a sneak peek.” They have found it hard to pinpoint the exact time and place the idiom got passage into the English lexicon, and they need to find out who it is that coined the phrase. An inference can be made that since it is not grammatically correct, it is highly likely that it emanates from the modern era of the language, which saw more relaxation of the rules of grammar.

Some experts believe that the phrase originated from the ’80s and ’90s marketing boom, which saw brands and companies advertising “sneak peeks” at products. It might also have gained permanence because of media usage of “sneak peeks” in describing quick looks at upcoming features.

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