safe bet


safe bet


  • something that will undoubtedly happen.
  • something you are sure will come to fruition.
  • something successful is likely to happen.
  • a good choice.
  • fair assumption.
  • reasonable guess.
  • opinion or view that is likely to prove correct.

Examples in a Sentence

  1. I knew her passing the exams was a safe bet because she has been a hardworking student.
  2. The team considered Tylor as a safe bet since he has been playing for an international team.
  3. Since I’m always attentive, my parents consider sending me to the grocery store a safe bet.
  4. I knew it was a safe bet for the rain when I saw heavy clouds.
  5. It’s a safe bet that he acted as an example to the rest of the class after the punishment since nobody dared to mock me again.
  6. Everyone said it was a safe bet that the concert could be enjoyable.
  7. If you are looking for the best destination for your vacation, South Carolina is a safe bet.
  8. Safe bet he came early for the occasion.
  9. The party leader believed that the 50-year-old sitting legislator was still a safe bet for reelection.


The idiom is believed to have originated from a horse race and referred to a horse that had a solid chance of winning. The idiom can be traced back to the 1600s in print.

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