feel blue


feel blue
also have the blues


  • to feel sad or depressed
  • to miss something or someone to a great extent
  • the feeling of desperation because of sadness is also used with the same phrase

Example Sentences

  1. Yesterday I felt blue, and nothing seemed to cheer me up.
  2. The men in the army have started feeling blue after being on post for more than six months without getting a single holiday.
  3. It seems that you are feeling blue. Is there something wrong that you would like to share with me?
  4. I have been feeling blue ever since I have heard that my daughter will be moving abroad for good.
  5. It is clear why he is feeling blue now that his son has walked out on the family business.
  6. I feel blue every time I think about that time. It makes me so angry also.
  7. It is the result of feeling blue for so long that has now started affecting his physical health also.
  8. After looking my family car in such a terrible condition, I had the blues for months.


The reference to sadness is linked with the word blue. To go blue in the 1800’s referred to the medical condition of a person and meant that he is at the last stage before passing away. This last stage has been synonymised with the emotional last stage of person in this phrase.

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The term originally came from sailors.

‒ Anonymous March 15, 2022

I need the origin for this phrase.

‒ Durga July 26, 2016

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