follow by


follow by


  • to continue with something else, usually on the agenda
  • go behind somebody
  • come after something going on ahead
  • come next in time or sequence
  • move or travel behind of something

Example Sentences

  1. The presentation will be followed by high tea and snacks for all the employees present.
  2. She is followed by thousands of people on Twitter and Instagram because of her invigorating posts and striking pictures.
  3. I’d like people to follow by example and hence the top management has to be absolutely flawless.
  4. The meeting was adjourned followed by the staff gathering at her desk to find out what happened.
  5. The media rush was followed by a lot of gossip around the issue.
  6. The court decision was followed by an immediate incarceration of the accused.
  7. The wedding rituals were followed by
  8. The repair work was followed by a really large bill.
  9. The emails were followed by a personal visit by the director of the company.
  10. It is nice to be followed by so many people on social media.
  11. She was being followed by a guy to work and she immediately registered a stalking complaint against him at the nearest police station.


The phrase has been around since the 17th century but is far more relevant now with times being fast and agendas put forth for almost all activities.

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