on the money


on the money


  • being right about something.
  • precise
  • exact
  • exactly correct
  • exactly as desired.
  • in precisely the right place.
  • done with or exhibiting accuracy.
  • at the precise time or spot. 

Examples in Sentences

  1. What he predicted was right on the money.
  2. I emerged as the contest winner since my guess was on the money.
  3. The way she has assessed the situation is right on the money.
  4. This man is a great hitter. Therefore, your pitches must be on the money to strike him out.
  5. Your answer is correct. You’re right on the money.
  6. Her weather forecasts are usually on the money.
  7. With time, we’ll know which author is on the money.


The idiom “on the money” alludes to a winning bet in horse racing. Most sources regarding the phrase’s origin agree that it was related to horse races, particularly the related chance. The correct bet was on the money.

Another explanation is that the idiom has a thing to do with surveying. Sometimes, surveyors hammer a metallic benchmark rod into the ground at a particular position. The rods are sometimes challenging to see through the viewing equipment that surveyors place on tripods. The professionals can see the rod more easily after putting a coin on the benchmark. So, when surveyors line up the coin in their viewfinder, they can be on the money. 

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