upset the applecart


upset the applecart


  • spoil or disrupt a plan or arrangement
  • disprove a theory

Example Sentences

  1. We had planned to hold a get-together in the evening, but bad weather upset the applecart.
  2. Look, please don’t upset the applecart, just go to supplier and ask to replace this damaged part of our customized car project.
  3. The five members of that group wanted to go for a trip to Himalayas, but Jone, the sixth member upset the applecart by denying to go.
  4. Sarah, really don’t want to upset the applecart by asking you to change the timing of the party, but she is really helpless.
  5. Hey, Jeff are you nuts? You always upset the apple-cart and never agreed with anybody in the class.
  6. Matt was so excited about his marriage function, he arranged everything in party so well but the bad weather and heavy rain upset the apple cart.
  7. There is only one person right here, sitting between us who only can upset the applecart and you all know whom I am talking about.

This great idiom originated as “upset the cart” and it has been in use since Roman times which has similar meaning: “mess up the whole thing” though, the exact dates of this phrase were from the late 1700s.

So, this idiom is originally derived from a Roman phrase “upset the cart” and it is to be believed that later, it becomes “upset the applecart”.

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Apple picker collects his apples in a cart on wheels. Then someone comes along a tips the cart over and they all fall out. The picker now has to start collecting his apples all over again because someone else upset his apple cart.

‒ Gerald Roos August 17, 2022

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