practice makes perfect


practice makes perfect


  • to keep repeating something over and over so that one can get good at that activity
  • to keep practicing to get better at (certain) skills

Example Sentences

  1. The most important thing about getting better at playing a sport is to keep playing it. There is nothing like enough practice and eventually it is the practice that will make you perfect.
  2. I have done this assignment so many times now that I can do it with my eyes closed. Practice has made me perfect at it!
  3. She like minute embroidery work and practice has made her perfect at it.
  4. I train so hard for the marathons is because I believe that practice makes perfect.
  5. You have to train harder to become good at this sport. Haven’t you heard that practice makes perfect?
  6. I never imagined that I would be able to do juggling so nicely, but I practiced it a lot and really practice made it perfect.
  7. If you want to type without looking at the keyboard, then practice everyday because practice makes perfect.
  8. Once I met with a sharp shooter officer, he told me that practice makes perfect and I can also be a great shooter by practicing.
  9. You can’t do as perfect as a professional can do, because they practice everyday and someone truly said, “practice makes man perfect”.


The phrase originates in the mid 1500’s in the American English language which was adopted from a Latin phrase. The literary origin is in the work titled “Diary and Autobiography of John Adams” which was penned by Gregory Titelman. The saying has changed in the way it was used earlier from “Use makes perfect” to “practice makes perfect”


  • practice makes man perfect

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