one stop shop

one stop shop


  • a store that fulfills various requirements which is preferable by customers
  • it is usually a place of business that offers many services and products which are related

Example Sentences

  1. That corner store is a one stop shop for anyone looking for video games.
  2. I just don’t have the patience to check prices with individual vendors so I go to a one stop shop for all my grocery requirements.
  3. In the current environment where everyone is in a rush for everything, one stop shops are the ultimate solution for grocery shopping.


The phrase actually refers to a business strategy which is to pull customers with the lure of getting more than one things done at the same time and in one visit. It is cost effective for the business because they can sell more items and time effective for the customers. Big super and hyper markets are the best examples of one stop shops and are commonplace for people with busy schedules.

A car repairing business in the United States of America used this phrase in their advertisement in the early 1900’s. The term was even explained in the same advert within the strapline.

Synonym words of one stop shop

  • shop everything under one roof
  • comprehensive store
  • wide-ranging store
  • all-inclusive store
  • wholesale store

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