on the case

on the case


  • to do what is the best course of action in the given situation
  • it could refer to the literal meaning, that is to be on the case for detectives, police officers, lawyers and any other professional who works on a case to case basis
  • to be on target

Example Sentences

  1. The best detective from the police department is on the case and we will be hearing about the culprit being nabbed very soon now
  2. I was on his case for quite a while regarding the subject of getting married, which is probably why he decided to move away from home.
  3. She is always on the case about how he works until late
  4. My aunt is on her husband’s case about getting their house renovated. He cannot ignore her for long.
  5. He may be just a toddler but when he is on the case he manages to find what he wants to
  6. Julie wanted to be on the case but the law firm only allows a set number of lawyers on a small budget assignment
  7. “I need to apply before computer education registration is closed.” “Don’t worry, I’m on the case, just leave it to me.


The phrase is relating to the professional world where each assignment is on a case to case basis. The professionalism renders the meaning which is to be on target or focussed about something.

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