on the back burner

on the back burner


  • to put something (that is to be done) for later
  • in a abeyance
  • in a situation of low priority
  • to be on stand by while something else takes a preference
  • to be left alone for the moment to be looked at after some time

Example Sentences

  1. The assignment is on the back burner while I concentrate on writing this play.
  2. Her career has always been on the back burner because her children’s well-being is more important to her.
  3. My father has never put the needs of this business on the back burner until the time he took care of it.
  4. He can never put his family on the back burner for his career. It is men like this that are able to have a work life balance.
  5. I have not put my education on the back burner but would like some time to think about my true passion. I can do both together, can’t I?
  6. If you need the promotion then this test is the most important to be cleared. Everything else has to be on the back burner.
  7. The plans for a new public Park in Amsterdam city has been put on the back burner.


The phrase comes from the multiple burner stoves in the kitchen. The things kept on the back burner, although still cooking, are not the centre of the focus.

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