on doorstep

on doorstep or at doorstep


  • very near to where somebody lives
  • to be in the vicinity
  • to be near where someone lives
  • to be present in the neighbourhood
  • right up to the house

Example Sentences

  1. The best thing about having a house in this society is that all the popular eating joints are right at our doorstep.
  2. The biggest park in the city is right at her doorstep. She can go for a jog anytime she likes.
  3. It is fantastic to know that such a popular actor lives right at your doorstep. I will be coming over more often now.
  4. I got the food delivered on my doorstep. It is so convenient to just place orders online these days.
  5. She stood at my doorstep for a very long time but since the children and I were alone at home I did not open the doors to a stranger.
  6. I finished the ice cream on the doorstep. If I would have known you were home I would have shared it with you.
  7. Tina put her foot on the doorstep of the cottage for her in-laws to take her in again.
  8. The children are playing on the doorstep. I cannot get them to go out or come inside to play.
  9. Oh my God, I never known that my favorite singer lives on your doorstep.
  10. The third round of the US economic slowdown is literally at the doorstep of all the developing countries.


The literary origin of this phrase cannot be traced accurately.

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