Idioms beginning with O

on the mend
on the mend Meaning to improve in health after an illness to be restored to a previous, better condition if a relationship is on the mend then it ... Read on
of course
of course Meaning with absolute certainty as would be expected and is of no surprise can also be used as an informal affirmation that what you are saying ... Read on
on a silver platter
on a silver platter Meaning to get something without having to work for it to receive something without having to put in much effort presenting something in a ... Read on
on the other hand
on the other hand also, on the one hand Meaning from a different point of view often preceded by “on the one hand” used to show two contradicting ... Read on
out of sight, out of mind
out of sight, out of mind Meaning to not stay an active issue when something is not immediately visible it refers to the reduced importance and emergence of ... Read on
outbreak Meaning | Definition the beginning of something suddenly the star of something unpleasant, usually a disease Example Sentences The influenza outbreak had begun that year. I had ... Read on
old habits die hard
old habits die hard Meaning | Definition difficult to discontinue of an aged habit the phenomenon of doing something just out of habit rather that it being of ... Read on
out of mind
out of mind Meaning to not be thinking clearly to suggest absurd ideas and suggestions it is used to call someone crazy refers to someone who is not ... Read on
out on the town
out on the town Meaning go out and enjoy yourself at one or more places in the town go out for entertainment or celebration go to pubs, bars, ... Read on
on the same page
on the same page Meaning everyone in agreement multiple people having the same understanding having the same information or knowledge thinking in the same way Example Sentences Before ... Read on

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zip it
zip it Meaning to ask someone to shut up to ask to not say anything further, in a rude manner to stop talking Example Sentences The teacher had ... Read on


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